Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two Posts...

I know, I know. I haven't posted anything recently, so to make up for it there's two new posts below this one. Go take a look.

I've tried something new with the post Nasty Sex, so make sure you let me know if you like it.

Now I have to get ready for work, so I'll catch up with you all tonight!

20sg xx


My OH and I had our first session with a counsellor a few days ago. It felt so weird discussing my sex life with a complete stranger. I swear she must think I'm half human, half tomato. I don't think I stopped blushing the whole hour.

It has helped though. My OH said that he's feeling guilty for having put me in such a difficult position, that he's scared to make love to me in case it happens again. He knows that this is driving a huge wedge between us, but is powerless to change things.

I understand where he's coming from with this, but I feel that we need the closeness more than ever right now.

Our counsellor wants a few sessions alone with my OH. Should I be worried by this? Is my OH so damaged by what happened that we can't get past it? Why does he need to talk to her in secret - we've never had secrets before. I'm probably over-reacting but I can't help feeling hurt, feeling shut out of his life.

Nasty Sex...

Tell me to kneel on the bed in a voice that brooks no argument. Push my head into the pillows so that I can barely breathe. Thrust into me as hard as you can. Spank me for crying out with pleasure, for this is all about you. Pull my hair so that I'm forced to kneel up. Kiss my neckroughly, bite and bruise my skin.

Make me beg you for more. Spank me for asking for it. Treat me like the slut I am. Do whatever makes you feel good, use my body however you want. Punish me for enjoying myself. When I come before you do make sure I feel your displeasure.

You know that one orgasm is never enough for me. Frustrate me, deny me another. Take me to the edge then leave. Leave me all alone, slick with sweat and desperate for more.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


I love birthdays, especially mine! I got all the things I'd asked for, plus my new toy arrived! Yaay! :)

I spent hours testing it, and for those of you interested in these things, here's the review.

This toy looks great, and feels fantastic! I've had some of the best orgasms ever, and I even squirted a couple of times! The pulse setting was a little weird to begin with, but now I love it and will be looking out for it on any new toy I get.

I love the curve to this toy, as I thrust it in I hit my G-spot and as I (oh so slowly!) pull it out my clit feels great. I've never had a toy stimulate the both as effectively as this one does. The only complaint I have about it is that it could use a little more power - sometimes I wish it had that little bit more to push me over the edge.

The thing should come with a warning though. You need lots and lots of time for this toy. The first time you use it, it feels good. Wait approx five minutes and you're craving to use it again. So you do and it feels even better. So begins a vicious circle, I think I used it 7 or 8 times in a row before I felt able to put it down and leave it for a few hours(!). Or maybe I was just worn out by all the excitement...I'll let you decide which! :)