Friday, August 24, 2007

Morning Sex...

You lie there in the early morning sunlight and watch me sleeping. You kiss my lips and lightly run your fingers up and down my arm. You catch your breath as I stir, wondering if you have woken me up. When you realise I haven't woken you start to run your fingers over my breasts. My nipples harden at your touch, and you gently squeeze them before giving them a kiss.

I'm still fast asleep, unaware of you covering my body with little butterfly kisses. You kiss you way down to my stomach, tracing circles on my thigh which get smaller and closer to my clit with every circuit. Even when I sleep my body responds, you can feel me getting wet.

Carefully, you move between my legs. You're torn. Should you enter me slowly, waking me with a tender kiss? Or should you plunge in and wake me with a shock that you know will rapidly turn to excitement?

You opt for slowly. You start to push into me inch by inch whilst whispering into my ear that it's time to wake up, kissing me before I have the chance to open my eyes properly. I wrap my legs around you and pull you close. When I kiss you back it's deep, passionate, loving. My eyes stare into yours, seeing the love I feel for you reflected back at me. We don't say a word, just keep staring.

It's not long til we come, both of us climaxing at the exact same moment, each lost in our own feelings for a few seconds, then you smile, kiss me again, and hold me close so that we fall back to sleep in each others arms.


Blogger Mina said...

I would have never made it that far without waking! But what a way to wake up.

7:22 pm GMT  
Blogger Mike said...

So tender, so beautiful, so sensual. I love the intimacy between two lovers, not just the physical bond, but the established mutual connection they have that in a kiss, or act of affection, they express so many things, like 'you are beautiful', 'be mine' or 'I'm here'.

I wonder how many men find such an emotional bond and signs of affection an appeal. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

I'm not sure I understand who the 'you' is in the post. Is it a fantasy, or a message?

3:36 am GMT  
Blogger 20SomethingGirl said...

Mina: I think that this is the best way to wake up!

Mike: I know that you're not the only man to find that appealling! :) This post actually happened, and I just wanted to express it this way so that others could get a sense of the connection.

4:21 pm GMT  
Anonymous preetham said...

Its great.....

6:29 am GMT  

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