Friday, May 04, 2007


I read this post over on AAG's site and I am shocked to the very core. I cannot believe that there is a single country in the world who is teaching sex ed in this manner. It's ridiculous, and certain to make kids break the rules more than ever.

Looking back, my sex ed experience was actually quite good. We had the basics on how our bodies were going to change, what emotions we could expect and all the usual stuff, but we also had a group come to our school and perform a small play about relationships. This play gave the message that masturbation was natural, normal, healthy behaviour. Not only that, but it actually encouraged us kids to try it (rather unusual for straight-laced Britain!) and that sex should only happen if we were (a) over 16 and (b) in a long-term loving relationship. The play was also about contraception, STD's and pregnancy. I can remember a lot of it even now.

I think that this group were too advanced in it's ideas though because my sister (three years below) never saw this. I think that's a real shame, someone needs to tell kids about this stuff. They need to be told in a way that doesn't patronise them or lay down rules for them to rebel against. The sooner the people in power realise this, the better!

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Blogger ArtfulDodger said...

I agree and thankfully my son is getting a solid and meaningful education in this regard. My personal sex education amounted to nothing at all, except the whispered rumours of the playground.

9:48 pm GMT  
Anonymous nazlihaffiz said...

I agree as well but unfortunately in my part of the world, the subject is so damn taboo that kids got to know bout it from the peers instead. Then you know what happens..


8:47 am GMT  

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