Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Naughtiness...

Happy 2008 to all my readers! I trust that you all made a resolution to be as naughty as possible? I certainly did! :)

In fact, on the stroke (!) of midnight I started working on that resolution. My OH and I were at a decidedly average party and wandered outside for a walk a few minutes to midnight. We wandered down to the river, where we could watch all the fireworks people were letting off. We thought that we were alone so we started kissing and fondling each other in the darkness.

Suddenly there was a sound to our right, like someone was being muffled whilst in the throes of passion. My OH and I being very inquisitive souls, we wandered over to find out more. Just past a couple of trees were a young couple, naked and making passionate love. The girl didn't notice us, but the guy saw us and winked - we were going to be treated to a display that didn't need any gunpowder!

He turned the girl around so that we could get a good view of all that was happening. I was getting wetter by the second and looking at my OH I could tell that he was excited as me. Winking at him, I took off my clothes then removed his too. Laying next to the other couple we proceeded to make love, wild, hurried sex - the kind of sex you have when you a teenager.

Suddenly the girl noticed us lying on the ground next to her. I moved a bit closer so that I could caress her breasts. She groaned with delight, then kissed me deeply. We did this for a few minutes, driving each other to the very edge of orgasm, and taking our partners along with us. She came first and her partner just seconds after. That tipped my partner over the edge and he spurted his seed deep into the heart of me.

Suddenly I had their hands all over me, kisses raining down upon my body. My orgasm was as explosive as the fireworks exploding over our heads. Definitely the best way to start the new year! Having got dressed, we wished each other all the best for the new year then went our seperate ways...I can't help but hope that we meet by the river again!