Friday, March 31, 2006


I am a serial masturbator. I love it, and have done it in so many places! I thought I'd list a few here - not including the obvious places - then see where everyone else likes to do it! Also, if you have any suggestions for places I should try, let me know!

  • In a car - as a passanger in the rear AND in the front
  • On a train (missed my station as a result!)
  • On a bus (I love it when so many people could catch me at any moment!)
  • In the wings when I'm about to go onstage
  • At work (very naughty!)
  • Several times down by a river (lovely on a sunny day)
  • At a friend's place (not that they knew!)
  • On an aeroplane
  • In a restuarant
  • In a club
  • While typing this!!
  • In a lecture at university...

...and these are only the places that spring to mind instantly! I've almost been caught on loads of occassions, but I think that just makes it more exciting! ;)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Deep Thoughts...

I recently read a post on AlwaysArousedGirl's blog that's got me thinking. In it she asks on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being homosexual and 10 being heterosexual), where are you?

I rated myself as an 8, as did many other people. What struck me is how few people could actually say that they were straight or gay. As teenagers we agonise over this, desperate to work it out, and finally decide one way or the other before using this decision to judge everyone we meet from that point on. We might not do this intentionally, but admit it, when you see a very effeminite man you automatically think "gay".


I for one think that the word gay should go back to it's original meaning - happy - after all, isn't this the only label that matters?!?


Ever seen the episode of "Sex & The City" where Samantha loses her orgasm? When I saw it I thought it was hilarious, all the things she did to bring herself off had me in stitches.

Now, I sympathise. Over the last few weeks I've tried sex, oral, masturbation etc, none of which have brought release. Even my vibrator (which NEVER failed before) seems to have turned traitor!

Is this a common problem? It's not exactly something you can discuss with friends (before you disagree here, remember I'm from the UK, and while we may have close friends, we're not that close!). I keep trying in the hope that it's just a blip, but I'm beginning to panic!