Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Why is it that when you're feeling horny the world conspires against you?

Take yesterday for example. My OH had been sending me messages all day telling me what he'd like to do to me, so I raced out of work as early as possible only to find out the majority of trains had been cancelled and I was stranded! By the time I finally got home, I was exhausted and in no mood for play.

Now, I'm in a much better mood, but my very own body is against me. I'm horny as hell, but my OH doesn't like it when I'm surfing the crimson wave. I don't blame him though! lol

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ever since the introduction of the internet, it has been a lot easier to find thoughts/opinions/tips on great sex. Everyone is much more open and honest about what it is they like (albeit in an anonymous way), but I wonder if good old fashioned romance has suffered as a result.

It certainly has in my relationship. Since starting this blog, I've felt more able to discuss new things I'd like to try which in turn encouraged my OH to open up. We have sex, fuck, shag, however you want to phrase it, but we never make love anymore.

Now, I love a raw fuck as much as anyone else, but I find myself craving intimacy and closeness just lately. I want to be covered in kisses, my eyes locked onto his, soft music and candlelight. Just once in a while, that's all I'm asking! :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lost Time...

Well my exams are finally over, and now I fully intend to make up for lost time! I have just a few short days to get as much sex as I can - my OH will be thoroughly worn out by the time I've finished with him! :)

I just hope that the weather improves slightly, it keeps threatening to rain, and indoor sex seems so boring just now. Oh well, any sex is better than none at all right?

I wonder where I left my vibe? Seems ages since I last used it...getting withdrawal symptoms!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I love summer. Everyone seems so much happier, it's nice and warm, the feeling of the sun caressing my it! What I love most though is the outdoor sex. Especially at 4:00am.

It was too hot to sleep comfortably so my OH and I went into the garden to cool down. I decided to lay down on the grass and gaze at the stars, whilst my OH sat next to me.

We were chatting about nothing in particular, he was lazily tracing a path up and down my arms with his hands. Neither of us were thinking about sex. So when he leaned over and gave me a very hot, lingering kiss it was the last thing I expected.

Slowly, he lifted my top up over my head and kissed his way down to my breasts. He teased my nipples with his tongue, knowing that this would send shivers through my body. I let out a little moan, wondering what he would do next.

Slowly, oh so slowly, he continued to kiss his way down my body, removing the remainder of my clothing as he did so. I was getting wetter by the second, something that never fails to delight. When his lips brushed over my clit I gasped, half hoping that his journey would end there and half hoping that he would excite me more.

He stopped. Moved away from me long enough to remove his own clothing, then returned to me and began to kiss his way down my body once again. This time when he reached my clit he stayed put, teasing my button until I climaxed.

In a second he was inside me, gently thrusting, enjoying the effect my orgasm was having on his cock. Soon I stopped shaking and began to move with him, finding our rhythm. The entire world around me vanished.

We increased the pace, faster and faster, wondering which one of us would come first, never breaking eye contact, kissing each other fiercely, as if we'd never be together like this again. I could feel that I was on the verge of another orgasm, but I desperatly wanted to hold on, wanted us to reach that point together.

Faster and faster our bodies moved. Neither of us able to hold back anymore we came at the same time, our bodies slick with sweat,each of us crying out as we did so.

That's why I love the summer!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just a quickie...

That's got you thinking hasn't it??!!? :)

Just wanted to let my readers know that my exams are almost over, so I'll be posting a proper post real soon!

Til then, take care!